Online Early Music Forum (OEMF)
music during the pandemic with Jamulus


Many of us know that making music over the internet does not work well with meeting systems like Zoom, Teams, Skype, etc (because of something called latency). People have been singing with the sound turned off (effectively solo) or singing along with a track from YouTube or Spotify.
But there is a way to make real harmony online. Since June, we have been singing with Jamulus, which minimizes latency and enables us to sing or play together in very nearly the usual way. We'd love you to join us.

Who, when and where?

Finding music

We find music online and sing from the screen, without printing it. This allows us to choose suitable music for the voices available.
The OEMF anthology is our list of pieces we would like to re-visit.

Getting and setting up Jamulus

If it doesn't just work ...

Starting Jamulus

Other music links

Contents of the Oxford books, indexed by parts:
We also use the Penguin books of madrigals: English à4, English à5 and Italian
... and for info:

Walter Bergmann's golden rules

He came to London from Germany in 1939 and established a reputation as a continuo player (he accompanied Alfred Deller), music editor and a director of the Society of Recorder Players. Some of us remember him teaching a class of 30-40 recorders (ouch!) at the Marylebone institute. His Golden Rules for Ensemble Playing are essential study for all amateur musicians.