1170SAT3Come, Sirrah Jack, hoWeelkes
38256SAT3Since Robin HoodWeelkes
54356SSA3Thus sings my dearest jewelWeelkes
50330SST3Though Philomela lost her loveMorley
60392SST3Whither away so fast?Morley
41266SST3Strike it up, TaborWeelkes
31210SST3O what shall I do?Wilbye
57373SATB4Weep, o mine eyesBennett
16106SATB4Fair Phyllis I sawFarmer
1067SATB4Consture my meaningFarnaby
524SATB4April is in my mistress' faceMorley
32216SATB4O yes! Has any found a lad?Tomkins
28SATB4Adieu, sweet AmaryllisWilbye
20142SSTB4Lady, when I beholdWilbye
23158SAATB5Lullaby, my sweet little babyByrd
420SATTB5Ah, dear heartGibbons
47310SATTB5The silver swanGibbons
59382SATTB5What is our life?Gibbons
21148SATTB5I love, alas, I love theeMorley
22153SATTB5Leave, alas, this tormentingMorley
26186SATTB5My bonny lass she smilethMorley
27190SATTB5Now is the month of mayingMorley
51332SSATB5Those sweet delightful liliesBateson
11SSATB5All creatures nowBennett
49324SSATB5Though Amaryllis danceByrd
848SSATB5Come, gentle swainsCavendish
742SSATB5Come away, sweet loveGreaves
39258SSATB5See what a maze of errorKirbye
40263SSATB5Sing we and chant itMorley
312SSATB5Adieu, ye city-prisoning towersTomkins
37248SSATB5See, see the shepherds' queenTomkins
55358SSATB5Too much I once lamentedTomkins
24168SSATB5Mother, I will have a husbandVautor
46303SSATB5Sweet Suffolk owlVautor
19137SSATB5Hark, all ye lovely saintsWeelkes
29196SSATB5Hence, care, thou art too cruelWeelkes
28192SSATB5O care, thou wilt despatch meWeelkes
42268SSATB5Sing we at pleasureWeelkes
15101SSATB5Flora gave me fairest flowersWilbye
58376SSATB5Weep, weep, mine eyesWilbye
1272SSTTB5Dainty fine birdGibbons
33222SSTTB5O that the learned poetsGibbons
56364SSTTB5Trust not too much, fair youthGibbons
17112SSTTB5Fyer, fyer!Morley
44288SSTTB5Sweet honey-sucking beesWilbye
45295SSTTB5Yet, sweet, take heedWilbye
48313SSATTB6This sweet and merry month of MayByrd
36241SSATTB6No haste but good!East
34229SSATTB6Poor is the lifeEast
35235SSATTB6Quick, quick, away, dispatch!East
1491SSATTB6Fair nymphs, I heard one tellingFarmer
18121SSATTB6Hard by a crystal fountainMorley
43275SSATTB6Sleep, fleshly birthRamsey
25175SSATTB6Music divineTomkins
954SSATTB6Come, sable nightWard
30200SSATTB6Out from the valeWard
627SSATTB6As Vesta wasWeelkes
53348SSATTB6The Andalusian merchantWeelkes
52339SSATTB6Thule, the period of cosmographyWeelkes
1376SSATTB6Draw on, sweet nightWilbye